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I'm the in-house editor and content producer at Failbetter Games, but I sometimes get to contribute a little writing.

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Interactive Fiction by Olivia

Lethophobia, by Jess Mersky, Olivia Wood (2016)
(4 ratings)
Lethophobia is an unsettling and comic haunted-house mystery-adventure from Jess Mersky and Olivia Wood. The game explores the nature of memory, self and forgotten trauma. It is also a gesture of...

We Absolutely Meant to Go to Zee, by Olivia Wood and Failbetter Games (2021)
(1 rating)
A nautical upset leaves you adrift with three spirited children in an unzeeworthy boat. Explore forgotten islets. Visit the pirate haven of Gaider's Mourn. And for goodness' sake, get them home in...

A Stretch in the Sky, by Olivia Wood and Failbetter Games (2022)
(1 rating)
"Thereís a hidden prison in New Newgate. Aní its where they keep all the real monsters. Not the ordinary criminals. The ones whatíll make you never sleep again." New Newgate, the colossal...

Older, Not Wiser, by Olivia Wood, Failbetter Games (2020)
(1 rating)
Terror hits London! A team of crack cat-burglars menaces the city by night, making off with all manner of valuables. The constables are baffled: no one can identify a single suspect. Who are these...

The Final Curtain, by Olivia Wood, Failbetter Games (2016)
The wreck of the Bellot is well-known to navigators on the Stolen River. But a chance discovery there will lead to a different mystery. A failing theatre. A singular plant. The first performance of...

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