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Interactive Fiction by Doug Egan

Afflicted, by Doug Egan (2008)
(51 ratings)

This isn't the safest neighborhood. A young woman was abducted near here only recently. But as a city sanitarian you are obligated to complete your annual inspection of the local dive. [blurb from...

Pascal's Wager, by Doug Egan (2008)
(25 ratings)

"The original Pascal's Wager was essentially a cost/benefit analysis of religious faith. However, Blaise Pascal (a 17th century Catholic) disregarded the possible existence of non-Christian Gods....

Paintball Wizard, by Doug Egan (2023)
(8 ratings)
Sure, I know Quidditch: expensive and impossibly complex game played by fictional wizards at an imaginary boarding academy. The guys in my house (frat house, that is) came from marginal high...

Roads Not Taken, by Doug Egan (2019)
(7 ratings)
A lesson on finding one's path through the trees.

Darkest Words: Soldado, by Doug Egan (2016)

From imaginary games jam. Based on the review: Darkest Words You may remember last year’s FireSheet which was essentially just an actual spreadsheet program, but obtuse and cryptic enough that...

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Reviews by Doug Egan

Return to Ditch Day, by M.J. Roberts   January 14, 2024
"“Return to Ditch Day” by Michael J Roberts is a classic plot-driven puzzle fest with engaging location and characters. I have never..." - See the full review

SPY INTRIGUE, by furkle   October 29, 2022
"I published this review on another website in 2015. This is a game that deserves to be brought back to public attention. "SPY INTRIGUE"..." - See the full review