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I'm a programmer working in the industry (mainly with Unity), but I've always enjoyed writing and drawing.
I swore I wouldn't touch code for my first IFs, so I used Inklewriter.

Feedback most welcome! Ping me at @doppioslash


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Interactive Fiction by doppioslash

Tainted, by Claudia Doppioslash (2015)
(1 rating)
An interactive fiction about a lonely boy who is hit by some forceful hope in the aftermath of a catastrophe of local proportions. It sounds like a potentially tragic story, but it tends towards...

The Man Who Killed Time, by Claudia Doppioslash (2015)
(5 ratings)
In the shabby, dusty office, just overlooking one of the least busy streets in town, sat the Detective owner of the establishment. You wouldn’t think it by looking at his head, as usual lowered as...

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Technically advanced IFs - 3 items   October 11, 2015
IFs that use bleeding edge programming techniques to generate the story/writing

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