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An aspiring author hoping to have my interactive fantasy novel published by Choice of Games under its Hosted Games label in a few months.

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Choice of Robots, by Kevin Gold   May 1, 2016
"I have to stop reviewing the titles I love! Longer titles like this are more labours of love than commercial ventures and if we want to..." - See the full review

Attack of the Clockwork Army, by Felicity Banks   May 1, 2016
"Alright, I'm bias. I love steampunk and want to see more at it - this is a great story and it promotes something that I love - so I'm..." - See the full review

The Sea Eternal, by Lynnea Glasser   April 30, 2016
"Really enjoyed The Sea Eternal : ) I thought it was very well written, it benefits from the really clear choicescript format, in parts..." - See the full review