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Muse: An Autumn Romance, by Christopher Huang   November 3, 2008
"Muse is taking place in a French coastal village in 1886 and it tells a story (in the first person, past tense) of a 59-year-old English..." - See the full review

Whom The Telling Changed, by Aaron A. Reed   May 30, 2008
"This is a very rich game of shaping the attitude of a tribe on the verge of war. Your choices create a nice variety of possibilities: who..." - See the full review

Best of Three, by Emily Short   May 9, 2008
"A conversation masterpiece, and not just because it is a "conversation only" thing, Best of Three does everything important right: It..." - See the full review

De Baron, by Victor Gijsbers   May 6, 2008
"De Baron deals not so much with actions as with their justifications and rationalization. This is achieved almost exclusively by..." - See the full review