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The Pyramid of Muna, by Alfred W. King II (1989)

Quest for the Black Pearl, by Ralph W. Varble (1992)

Reruns Again, by Neil Sorenson (1992)

The Rift, by Michael A. Buonaccorsi (1993)

Secrets of the Gigantic!, by Sean M. Doane (1995)

Shape Shifter Adventure!, by Eric Colomb (1995)

Sir Guy Gallant and the Deadly Warning, by Eddie R. Wright (1993)

Space Mule, by Bruce David Loving (1993)

The Spatent Obstruction, by Chris Canavan (1992)

The Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure, by Doug Harter (1992)

The Squynchia Adventure, by M. Frank and T. Frank (1991)

The Star Portal, by Michael Detlefsen (1988)

Still Laughing at my Cardigan, by Bev Truter (2000)

Storms I, by Ryan Burrus (1990)

Tamoret, by Michael J. Lyons (1988)

Tark Simmons, Priestess of the First Church, in her battle against the Demon of Dark Desire, by W. P. Kegelmeyer (1988)

The Tempest, by David R. Grigg (1992)

TimeSquared Chapter One: Centroplis, by Bert Lee (1992)

Toho Academy, by Simon Barber (1993)

The Tomb of the Ancient Pharaohs, by Anne T. Brenner (1991)

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