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Ted Barret: Lager, by Max Di Bello (1987)

Ted Barret: Naufragio Nell'Atlantico, by Max Di Bello (1987)

Terry Jones: L'Oro dei Chibcha, by Max Di Bello (1987)

Terry Jones: Montezuma, by Max Di Bello (1987)

The Theatre of Death, by Dave Watson

There's a Bomb Under Parliament, by Laurence Creighton (1991)

They Say the World Will Die in Fire and Ice, by Unknown (1984)

A Thief in the Night, by Matt West (1989)

A Thief's Tale, by Simon Avery (1991)

The Time Lord's Amulet, by Steven Kendall (1984)

Time of the End
by Keith Milner

Time Quest, by Peter L. Robinson (1984)

Time Search, by Kevin Cook (1984)

Tizpan, Lord of the Jungle, by Simon Avery (1990)

by Bieno Marti

Total Reality Delusion, by Simon Avery (1991)

Tourist Trouble, by Teef, Pengo

Träskskatten, by Ted Eriksson (1987)

The Traveller, by Dave Bowden (1984)

Trevor Scott: L'Idolo di Smeraldo, by Max Di Bello (1987)

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