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Olisa, by Dmitry Danner (2012)

Oragon, by Евгений Берников (1995)

by Alexandr Revenoc

Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
by Yuji Horii

Psycho Game, by Luka, Pulstar, Riskej

Return of Red Hood, by Antokolos (2014)

Revolt, by Dmitry Sminrnov (1994)

Roofmania, by Twin, Newart, Nik-O (2002)

Ruby, by VIATOR, RSM Soft, Oko (1995)

Sea Quest Part 1 - Sea Wolf, by Illya Fisher, Taras, VBI, Panda (1998)

Sixth City, by Oreolek (2015)

Stolen Diamond, by Viacheslav Malcev, Vladislav Iotenko

Subway Adventure, by Wlodek Black (1989)

Sword and the Fate, by Unknown (2006)

Tales of Old Russia: Svyatogor the Bogatyr and Karachun the Sorcerer, by Alexey Shirokov (1995)

Talisman, by Owl, Ray, Never (1995)

Ungodly Earth: Desert of Dreams, by Dmitry Danner (2008)

Virtue da Dirty Soul, by C-Jeff, Dimidrol, Infinite, Fresh News (2003)

Welcome to the Hell, by WL

Where the Foot of Man Did Not Step, by JEDI Luminary, Newart, SMIR (2001)

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