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9 results found

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, by Benjamin Mullins (2005)
(3 ratings)

Dig Dug, by Anonymous (2001)
(5 ratings)

Zugzwang, by Magnus Olsson (1998)
(9 ratings)

Operate!, by Cody Sandifer (1998)
(6 ratings)

Tetris, by Alexey Pajitnov (1985)
(10 ratings)

MC, by Stephen Granade (2001)
(4 ratings)

Donkey Kong, by Andrew Plotkin (2001)
(14 ratings)

FooM, by Piers Johnson (1996)
(2 ratings)

Even Bantams get the Blues, by Eric Mayer (2001)
(4 ratings)