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Garden of Steven, by Soda51 (2015)
(7 ratings)

Signos, by Mauricio Diaz Garcia a.k.a. "M4u" (2012)
(12 ratings)

ADVENT, by Iain Merrick (2003)

Destiny, by Pete Koziar (1985)

Fluurality, by fluuralredemption (2018)

Fortress, by Anonymous (2014)

The Game of Recovery, by Daniel J. Pallotta (1993)

Heather's Easter Egg Hunt, by Tom Reynolds and Ginnie Reynolds (1989)

The Inheritance
by Scott Adams

The Keys of the Kingdom, by Anonymous (1988)

The Lion's Share, by Robert J. Aaron, Robb Murray, Lawrence Rublin, Reena Yudowsky (1983)

Paul's First Journey, by Rodney McAuley (1991)

The Philistine Ploy, by Robert J. Aaron, Alan Rosenbaum, Risa Kleban, Reena Yudkowsky (1983)

Pilgrim's Progress
by J. P. H. Day

Real Life: The Greatest Adventure of All
by Gerry Rzeppa

Religious Computer Game, by Servants of Wisdom (2002)

Two Ways, by Grant E. Metcalf (1990)

The Verb
by Janos Biro

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