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Eryus, by Laurence Klein (1984)

Escape from Tarabithia, by Jason Billard (1999)

The Final Frontier, by Robert Slemon (1987)

Forbidden Planet Adventure, by Stanley Sheff (1993)

The Land Beyond Time, by Simon D. Allan and James Brian Rogan (2006)

Marooned Again, by Dennis Drew (1985)

by Anonymous

Mold: Deep Space Awakening, by Declan Stanley (1990)

Nightwing, by Clive Wilson (1989)

Quann Tulla
by Mike Smith and Gary Kelbrick

R-Space I: Viktor's Escape, by Ed T., III Toton (1991)

The Rift, by Michael A. Buonaccorsi (1993)

by Felix Plesoianu

Ship of Doom
by Charles Cecil

Space Adventure, by Anonymous

Space Hunt, by Anthony Wood (1983)

Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, by Vonster D Monster

Stalker, by Andy Woods and P. Page (1990)

The Star Portal, by Michael Detlefsen (1988)

Starship Solitaire, by Derek T. Jones (1992)

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