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Broken Wand, by Richard Wilkins (2015)
(2 ratings)

Cat Scratch
by Allyn (Yilling) Chen, Hannah Turner, Laura Weber, Shirley Park, Will Hagen, Chris Klug, Scott Stevens
(5 ratings)

One Minute Mysteries
by Michael Gray
(1 rating)

The Pesach Adventure, by Avi Gobbler (1993)
(1 rating)

Adventures in Flesh, by Fred D. Williams (1983)

The Adventures of Rogelio Price
by Sam Ursu

Bully Busters
by Winspiration Kids

The Dungeon Maze Game, by Erik J. Oredson (1990)

Escape from Peruácru Island
by Kris Kowal and Kathleen Kowal

Example Adventure
by McGraw-Hill

Felipe Femur , by Russell J. Dorn (2013)

The Good Egg Club
by Winspiration Kids

Heather's Easter Egg Hunt, by Tom Reynolds and Ginnie Reynolds (1989)

Land of the Giants, by Dorothy Millard (1989)

Le labyrinthe au trésor, by ML (2015)

Little Red Riding Hood, by Adrianna Martin (2015)

Little Red Riding Hood, by @jschomay (2017)

The Magic Cloak of Noland, by Anonymous (2003)

The Marvelous Land of Oz, by Anonymous (2003)

Mickey's Space Adventure
by Peter Oliphant

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