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The Spirit's Flight, by Andy Ko and Karen Kwan (2001)

Ten Green Bottles
by Karen Tyres

There's a Bomb Under Parliament, by Laurence Creighton (1991)

There's a Hole in Your Bucket
by Karen Tyers

The Tomb of the Ancient Pharaohs, by Anne T. Brenner (1991)

Tomb of the Vampire, by William Trent and Matthew Grayson (1988)

Treasure Hunt, by Peter Clement and René van Hasselaar

A Trip to Fort Scott, by William Trent (1988)

Vruce Letovanje
by Ivan Gerencir, Milan Pavicevic, Igor Kordej

Wanderlust: Transsiberian
by Different Tales

Wanderlust: Travel Stories
by Different Tales

The Well of Zol, by Laurence Creighton (1994)

What do you do?, by OrenjiJusu (2010)

The White Singularity, by Irene Villanueva (2005)

You Can Have It All At The Caperville Mall, by Mark Arenz (2022)

Z-Tornado, by Oliver Feiler, Rene Puls, and Sophie Fruehling (2000)

Zakladi Slovenije
by Matej Kurent

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