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Klondike Adventure, by James Bash (1982)

The Land Beyond Time, by Simon D. Allan and James Brian Rogan (2006)

Left Behind
by Amanda Maria Stokholm James

Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II - The Next Day!, by James R. Davis (1989)

Malice in Blunderland, by Steve James Taylor (1986)

Mandrake's Domain, by Steve James Taylor

minecraft adventure, by James Tracy (2012)

Mines, by James L. Dean (1979)

by James Schannep

Necris Dome
by Charles A. Sharp, James Wilson

Night Watch
by James la Marche

Our Lady of Pyres
by James Chew, Failbetter Games

PATHOGENS: An Interactive Zombie Survival Gamebook
by James Schannep

The Prism of Shadows, by Wade Clarke and James Anderson (2009)

Ring of Dreams, by Simon D. Allan, James Brian Rogan (1985)

SUPERPOWERED: Are YOU a Superhero or Supervillain?
by James Schannep

Teastrainer, by Paul Jameson (1988)

Texture, by James Paton (1984)

This is a test of several forms combat in IF., by James Mallette (2004)

Tomb of the Golden Lion, by James Whitfield, Andrew Martin

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