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Kallisti, by James Mitchelhill (2001)
(6 ratings)

'EE's Lost His Marbles, by James L. Matthews (1993)

4 Days To Extraction
by James Lloyd

Apokalupsis, by James Webb (a.k.a. revgiblet) (2009)

The Attendants
by James Chew, Failbetter Games

by Cass Khaw & James Persaud

Box, by James Lean (1993)

The Century Exhibition
by Fred Zeleny, James Chew, Cash DeCuir, Failbetter Games

Conversation with a Hitchhiker, by James Webb (2008)

Corporal Stone, by James Taylor (1992)

Dusk over Elfinton
by James E. Hooper, David W. Harper

Fabled Caves Of R'th-nylch!, by Adam Biltcliffe (as James Walmsey) (2003)

A Game Played By Galaxies, by James Wood (2016)

The Heart, the Devil and the Zee
by Olivia Wood, James Chew, Failbetter Games

Home Invader, by James Beck (2019)

The House of Silk and Flame
by James Chew, Failbetter Games

House on Haunted Hill, by James Wilkinson (1999)

INFECTED (Click Your Poison)
by James Schannep

Investigations, by Paul Tomkins, Robert Radburn, Mark Lynch, James Page (1987)

Jack, by Jamesale295

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