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16 results found

Frustration, by Jim MacBrayne (1990)
(1 rating)

Amazing Cave Adventure or How come the IF community hates mazes so much?
by D.B.T

The Broken String, by Harel Malka, Ran Kramer, and Anne Jalijali (1995)

Cancel Cable Or Die Trying
by Tony Smith
(5 ratings)

A Christmas Game: The Sequel
by Luke.A. Jones
(2 ratings)

A Final Grind
by nrsm_ha
(6 ratings)

I'm Fine, by Rokashi (2013)
(2 ratings)

Islands Far Away, by Shanon Fernald (2010)
(2 ratings)

Job Quest
by Chad Comeau
(4 ratings)

Let's Go Eat
by Tom McHenry
(6 ratings)

The Library
by Trekkie101
(2 ratings)

The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas
by Luke A. Jones
(7 ratings)

Phoenix, by The Traveller in Black (1991)

Quest for the Serpent's Eye
by Lazygamedesigner82
(1 rating)

Sam Fortune - Private Investigator
by Steve Blanding
(5 ratings)

Sim Political Career, by Squirrel (2010)
(2 ratings)