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Recommended List
by ccrawley6 - 3 games

Uncle Rovarsson's Beginner's Must-Plays.
by Rovarsson - 10 games

My new walkthroughs for August 2018
by David Welbourn - 5 games
"On Thursday, August 30, 2018, I published new walkthroughs for the games listed below! Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons at Patreon. Please consider supporting me to make even more new walkthroughs for works of..."

Games I finished without hints.
by Rovarsson - 14 games
"It's better for the feeling of immersion when you're not reading a walkthrough while playing. These games are definitely solvable without hints. Some very friendly puzzlewise, some a tad harder."

Find-all-the-rooms games
by mg51 - 5 games
"Usually short and contained, not particularly heavy on plot."

Recommended List
by CharlietheSpiffy - 6 games

Ogre's Stories
by Ogre - 5 games
"A list of stories written by me, Ogre."

by Paddythemic - 7 games

Great Twine/Choice games for those skeptical of the format
by MathBrush - 16 games
"I didn't like Twine at first, but slowly I've changed my opinion about it, until now, many of my favorite games are Twine/Choice games (including Varytale or choice-style parser games). These games tend to be very different genres from..."

Good games
by Simon Deimel - 9 games
"This is a list of games that affected me. Their contents had a certain impact on me and kept my mind busy even some time after I had finished playing."

1-room games
by Luihum - 4 games

by Steven - 8 games

by dacharya64 - 5 games
"My favorite IF games of all time, as I've played 'em. "

Medical games
by MathBrush - 15 games
"These are games that have a medical theme of some sort, including medical simulators, medical horror, and games featuring doctors. Feel free to suggest others! (Items 8-15 suggested by David Welbourn)"

Recommended ADRIFT Games
by Richard Otter - 11 games
"This is a list put together in early 2005 after a thread on the ADRIFT Forum It is not comprehensive, and not all of the games will appeal to everyone."

Kiyo's Favorites
by Kiyo - 17 games
"A list to keep track of my personal favorite IF games. Opinions on each forthcoming. "

Favorite Horror Games
by thecanvasrose - 12 games
"The horror IF that I most love and enjoy! (I generally prefer narrative over puzzles and scare-factor over narrative.) Ranked from least to most favorite. For a list of other horror games with good ratings, see my other horror games..."

my favorite games!
by orchardorb - 4 games
"i'm semi-new to interactive fiction (started playing a little over a year ago off and on), and these are games i've experienced thusfar that i've loved. more to be added as i play them!"

Favorite "atmosphere" games
by MathBrush - 43 games
"These are games that are fun because of the atmosphere and plot more than the puzzles. These games are not too hard and not too easy. They generally have a big over-arching theme. I have included most horror and comedy games in other..."

Funniest games
by Denk - 12 games
"These games are not the best games, but the games that made me laugh the most. They may not be funny all the time but they contain one or more funny passages."

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