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by rainbowstreakedskies - 1 game

Played, mixed opinion

by exomarch - 1 game

Games of Awesomeness

by Christopher Caesar - 3 games
"My favorite text games so far."

Society, Socialites and Social Climbing

by E.K. - 13 games
"Games where the protagonist has to navigate aspirational society in some way, whether it is an attempt at climbing the social ladder or avoiding those who seek to do so. Status, gossip, backstabbing and money are the orders of the day..."

Unique puzzle games

by Shadow Fox - 7 games
"This list is focused on shorter games that really made me think. Each one is unique, with interesting settings and mechanics. They may not be the hardest games out there, but beating these made me feel very satisfied with myself. "

Fun and funny

by Shadow Fox - 5 games
"These are games that captured my attention and made me laugh. All of them are lighthearted, most of them are funny, and one is just plain cute. "

Explore-the-Structure Genre

by Jim Kaplan - 8 games
"Lengthy games where the PC's express purpose is the exploration of a single complex structure, such as a museum or mansion. Progress in the game is usually measured by the segments of the structure the player has rendered accessible...."

Played but did not finish

by exomarch - 7 games

Played and Liked

by exomarch - 15 games
"As it says"

Recommended Horror Games

by E.K. - 11 games
"My horror preference is literary with a strong atmosphere, so those types of games will make a stronger showing here than splatterfests, but I have an affection for some of those too. List currently in progress."

Puzzle-less or puzzle-light

by Felix Pleșoianu - 5 games
"The relative importance of puzzles in IF is a matter of some contention. But there's no doubt that puzzleless IF *can* be great. Here are some examples."

All-time favorites

by Felix Pleșoianu - 7 games
"No common thread here... Turns out, I like all kinds of games. Even some puzzlefests."

Linear games

by Felix Pleșoianu - 5 games
"The common wisdom holds that IF's greatest strength is the freedom it grants to the player (or at least the illusion thereof). Yet some of the best IF ever is highly linear."

Good German language games

by ifwizz - 15 games
"The best German language games I ever played"


by DavidG - 2 games
"I have a thing for horror stories, particularly ones by or inspired by HP Lovecraft."

Favorite Games

by katiebaker10 - 3 games

Beatloaf's list for class

by Beatloaf - 3 games

The games I like

by adorsey23 - 3 games

My favorite games

by kmccleland5 - 3 games

My Top Three

by jbabcock10 - 3 games
"My top three favorite interactive fiction games."
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