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The penultimate not numbered Speed IF

11 games
Another good year for IF draws to a close. So it's time for another New Year's Speed! The motivation behind it is to offer people a chance at writing a small work of IF at the end of the year. Traditionally, the rules have been very...

Ectocomp 2011

10 games; award date December 2, 2011
The 5th annual Hallowe'en speed-IF competition. Entries are all written in 3 hours or less. Traditionally an ADRIFT-only event, 2011 is notable for being the first Ectocomp to allow non-ADRIFT entries.

Thanksgiving Speed-IF

6 games
A speed-IF! A veritable feast! Using the following inventory items, based on a list of photographed items from Grocible's book-in-progress: a top hat. a dragonfly*. a small crystal ball. two optical prisms. a water pistol. a magnifying...

17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2011)

38 games in 2 divisions; award date November 16, 2011
The annual competition for original IF with a maximum playing time of 2 hours. Halloween Ghost Story Contest -- 2011

1 game; award date October 31, 2011
Since 1998 has been offering this popular free contest. While it started off fairly local in scope, today we get entries from all over the world, and winners can expect to have their stories read by hundreds of thousands.

Interactive Fiction Top 50 of All Time (2011 edition)

48 games; award date October 1, 2011
People were asked to send in a list of between 1 and 20 of their favourite IF games of all time (in no particular order). The number of points a game got was the number of lists on which it appeared. 35 participants cast a total of 437...

Introcomp 2011

1 game; award date July 23, 2011

@party competition 2011

1 game; award date June 19, 2011
An interactive fiction competition at @party 2011, a computer art festival in Harvard, Massachusetts, USA.

Spring Thing 2011

6 games; award date May 16, 2011

The Challenge

3 games; award date May 5, 2011
An ADRIFT-only competition for games featuring: * 1 secret passage * 2 endings * 3 ways of dying * 3 NPCs * 5 objects essential for solving the game * 8 rooms

Textfire Grand Prix 2011

4 games; award date May 2, 2011

PAX East 2011 Speed-IF

9 games
The seventy-first Speed-IF, with no particular name, took place at PAX East 2011 in Boston on March 12th, 2011. The organizer was David Cornelson. Topics were chosen via a madlibs in the early afternoon. Authors had until 10:30pm to send...

2010 XYZZY Awards

20 games in 12 divisions; award date February 26, 2011

Ectocomp 2010

8 games; award date December 7, 2010
The annual Adrift Hallowe'en (horror and sci-fi) themed competition. Entries must be completed in 3 hours. "The theme is fairly general; ghost stories, horror, the supernatural, weird fiction, spine-chilling tales, pulp magazine stories,...

16th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2010)

26 games in 2 divisions; award date November 16, 2010
The annual competition for original IF, judged by the readership of

InsideADRIFT Summer Competition 2010

6 games; award date August 22, 2010
InsideADRIFT Summer Competition 2010 was a competition for previously unreleased ADRIFT games, organized by Ken Franklin.

IntroComp 2010

9 games; award date August 14, 2010

@party Interactive Fiction Competition 2010

2 games
A competition of games written for the 2010 @party demoparty, judged by its attendees.

2nd Annual Metafilter Interactive Fiction Contest

3 games; award date June 1, 2010
Administered by Metafilter user Deathalicious, the Metafilter competition centered on creating a game in a single month and submitting it for peer review. The 2010 competition received three entries.

2010 Spring Ting

2 games
The 2010 Spring ting was an ADRIFT competition organized by Po. Prune. The submission deadline was May 31, 2010. The voting deadline was June 30, 2010. Only non-registered users of ADRIFT could submit games. The prize for the winner was...
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