Outstanding Horror Game of 2023 - an IFDB Poll

by MathBrush
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This poll is part of the 2023 IFDB Awards. The rules for the competition can be found here, and a list of all categories can be found here.

This award is for the best horror game of 2023. Voting is open to all IFDB members.

Suggested games include those in the following search:

While the search only includes games tagged "horror", you may vote for any game you feel fits this category.

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Eat the Eldritch, by Olaf Nowacki
9 votes

Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head, by The Hungry Reader
8 votes

ConfigurationUploader, by Autumn Chen
7 votes

InGirum_English, by BenyDanette
6 votes

Forever and Ever, by PetricakeGames-IF
5 votes

My Brother; The Parasite, by qrowscant
5 votes

Etiolated Light, by Lassiter W.
4 votes

THE DEVIL'S IMAGO, by DOMINO CLUB, cecile richard, and isyourguy
3 votes

Red Door Yellow Door, by Charm Cochran
3 votes

Cozy Simulation 2999, by KADW
3 votes

Good Bones: A Haunted Housewarming, by Leon Lin
3 votes

The Dying of the Light, by Amanda Walker
2 votes

Demon Hatching, by Mxelm
2 votes

Beat Witch, by Robert Patten
2 votes

Assembly, by Ben Kirwin
1 vote

The Withering Gaze of the Earth, by Emily Worm
1 vote

It gets so lonely here, by ebi-hime
1 vote

Time's Gap, by mxelm
1 vote

1 vote

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