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by glaap
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As I'm currently working on a game that tries to modernize the text adventure genre in a way that it gets closer to movies while still maintaining the idea that you just have a text interface, i'd like to do research on the most "modern-feeling" text adventures that you can think of.

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namekuseijin, December 25, 2015 - Reply
I don't get it. Sure, you made this poll in order to showcase your game, that I get.

what I don't get is this: after you put videos and voiceovers in your game, what text remains to be read? why not simply call it a graphical adventure, an adventure or indeed the eponymous umbrella term and much misused "interactive fiction"?

just as most static fiction in small doses trying to pass as interactive fiction - worse, as games - these days, I don't see the point of mostly removing text and calling it "the evolution of text adventures". It's been done ages ago and continues to be done today whenever devs fear they're alienating potential audience by going all text in a progressingly illiterate and non-verbal age of icon tapping.

The pinnacle of text adventures was anywhere between 1995 and the early 2000s, when hobbyist authors went far beyond in content and scope to the mere nerdy treasure hunting in large sprawling maps of mostly empty rooms found in most early commercial offerings. I call them the sons of Trinity, the most impressive commercial IF ever.

as far as recent works go, Counterfeit Monkey and Hadean Lands are the 2 gargantuan text-adventures to be beaten, going well beyond any before in terms of implementation polish and refinement, though that does't necessarily means they're better games than, say, Curses or Spider and Web.
Floating Info, October 11, 2015 - Reply
Are you going more for games that have the narrative/pacing feel of movies, or games with a sophisticated but nevertheless text interface, or games with both?
glaap, October 15, 2015 - Reply
i guess both are things that i'd need to research. we are also in some way or another trying to do both.

but the games i'm looking for could also only fulfill one of these criteria.
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