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by Pinstripe
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Sometimes, when I'm playing a game, I spend more time juggling my save files than I do reading the text. I don't want to have to restart because I picked up the green rod instead of the clay jug (with apologies to Zarf). So I'm looking for games where any death can be avoided with a simple undo, and I can never find myself in an unwinnable state. More traditional games, not conversation games or one-move games, would be preferred.

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Khalisar, October 4, 2014 - Reply
If I understand the rating system, ALL games with a Forgiveness rating of 'Merciful' or 'Polite' are like this. So you could also search for them using that criteria.
Christina Nordlander, June 16, 2013 - Reply
"The Meteor, the Stone, and a Long Glass of Sherbet" shouldn't be on this list. It can be rendered unwinnable at one point.
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