Outstanding Debut of 2022 - Author's Choice - an IFDB Poll

by MathBrush
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This poll is part of the 2022 IFDB Awards. The rules for the competition can be found here, and a list of all categories can be found here.

This award is for the best game of 2022 by a new author. Voting is anonymous and open only to IFDB members who have authored a game and linked it to their profile. Votes by non-authors will be periodically removed.

Eligible games include only those in the following search:

Votes for games that are not by first-time authors will be discarded.

If a game published in 2022 does not appear in this search, please edit the game page to include the correct publication year.

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A Long Way to the Nearest Star, by SV Linwood
4 votes

Trenchline, by JJ McC
2 votes

Sweetpea, by Sophia de Augustine
2 votes

Arborea, by richard develyn
2 votes

The Princess of Vestria, by K Paulo
2 votes

Thin Walls, by Wynter
2 votes

Filthy Aunt Mildred, by Guđni Líndal Benediktsson
2 votes

Radio Tower, by brojman
1 vote

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