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Legion, by Jason Devlin
Average member rating: (21 ratings)
Life on Beal Street, by Ian Finley
Average member rating: (8 ratings)
"This is not a game, but rather an experiment in telling a story using a dynamic and interactive medium. Leave your expectations at the curb side and take a walk down Beal Street." [--blurb from Competition...
The Lost Spellmaker, by Neil James Brown
Average member rating: (13 ratings)
Spells are in short supply, and spellmakers are disappearing one by one. So your boss T sends you on a mission to find the famous Drew Tungshinach so that he may entertain the community further with his...
A ludic proof of the difficulties inherent in finding a proper skull, by JackDegree
Average member rating: (6 ratings)
As an archaeologist, try to make the discovery of a lifetime. Written for Ludum Dare 30, "Connected Worlds"
Mahadev, by Bob Reeves
Average member rating: (3 ratings)
A deity discovers and meets his destiny ... or not.

Masks, by lioninthetrees
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

Myriad, by Porpentine
Average member rating: (24 ratings)

branching outcomes of a fetid day. 115 nodes. suited for treaders, meat-eaters, plant-eaters, students, arthropods, starvers, and victims. inspired by HyperCard shareware adventures packed on cd-roms with...

Nautilisia, by Ryan Veeder
Average member rating: (40 ratings)

Your friend claims to be in a coma.

Noirbilis, by Geostatonary
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

A twine Nobilis/noir pastiche mashup for all audiences starring Spades Archer, ace dick and Noble-for-hire. Nobilis and associated characters are the property of jennamoran

Open Sorcery, by Abigail Corfman
Average member rating: (55 ratings)

You are online. You are fire and order. You are here to protect. ---- "Open Sorcery" is a game about technology, magic and becoming a person. It follows the development of an Elemental Firewall--a creature...

The ORPHEUS Ruse, by Paul Gresty
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Infiltrate the enemy as a psychic spy, leaping from body to body by touch! But when your own body is stolen, you’ll race against time to find it before your mind disintegrates. “The ORPHEUS Ruse” is a...

Paradox Factor, by Mike Walter

What would you change? Alter your past and future in this thought-provoking and edgy time travel game. Are you willing to live with the effects that your changes may cause? "Paradox Factor" is an interactive...

Pascal's Wager, by Doug Egan
Average member rating: (25 ratings)

"The original Pascal's Wager was essentially a cost/benefit analysis of religious faith. However, Blaise Pascal (a 17th century Catholic) disregarded the possible existence of non-Christian Gods. This game...

Photograph: A Portrait of Reflection, by Steve Evans
Average member rating: (25 ratings)

Photograph was an entry in the 2002 IFComp, in which it placed 3rd out of 38 entries. It was also nominated for two XYZZY awards, "Best Player Character" & "Best Use Of Medium". It's a story-driven, almost...

Pinched, by Anonymous
Sam Kabo Ashwell's rating:
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

"Pinched" is an interactive episode of Firefly -- the one where Simon screws up (of course) and Jayne has to fill in for him at a society wedding in order to carry off a daring heist. Light puzzles,...

The Primrose Path, by Nolan Bonvouloir
Average member rating: (35 ratings)

You've been having a series of nightmares about Leo, standing at the edge of a cliff. No matter what you do, a bell rings and Leo disappears over the edge . . .

rat chaos, by Winter Lake
Average member rating: (23 ratings)

Rockrider, by David Mear
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

It'll be the biggest find of your career... If you can ride it home safely. Won 1st place at the 1st Annual MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest.

Sand-dancer, by Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard
Average member rating: (22 ratings)

It figures that your pickup would die on a night like this and leave you stranded in the dark New Mexico desert. But nothing else figures about this night, man. Nothing at all. An example game for Aaron...

Sarvegne, by Eric Forgeot and Maryam Gousheh-Forgeot (graphics)
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Scroll Thief, by Daniel M. Stelzer
Average member rating: (12 ratings)

Not a single spell! After two full years of study! Every Enchanter—every mortal with the power to change very nature of the universe with their words—has a spell book! Filled with words of power collected...

Sewer Diamond War of 3096 Reenactment, by Porpentine
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

a rat-demon sewer war reenactment with many "fun" character and choices

The Shadow in the Cathedral, by Ian Finley and Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (27 ratings)

When the monks took me, aged six months, into their care, they named me Wren. Maybe because I was small, insignificant, and happy to eat any crumbs they threw my way. But these days I'm Wren, 2nd Assistant...

The Snowman, by Caio Miranda
Average member rating: (1 rating)

So Far, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (69 ratings)
Sitting in a cramped theatre, irritated that your partner apparently hasn't turned up, you are strangely intrigued by a current of air. It will lead you to a place very different from your own familiar...

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