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Counterfeit Monkey release 9
August 11, 2020
This version fixes various bugs discovered since the last release. See the change log for a list of major changes, and the commit history for details.

Thanks to Dan Fabulich,, 2lindell, Ed King, jackk225, Kevin Lo, nosferatu-if, OtherOlly, Sabe Jones, Sukil Etxenike, and thehatless for testing and reporting bugs.

Special thanks to Dannii Willis, Andrew Plotkin, and, of course, Emily Short.
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Counterfeit Monkey release 6
May 30, 2016
Thanks almost entirely to the work of @angstsmurf I am pleased to announce the Counterfeit Monkey Release 6. This is just a small update, but one which fixes a couple of crucial bugs:

- When the player has performed a game ending action, undo the game if they choose, rather than putting them back in the game but with the same broken game state
- Updated Ultra Undo so that it works reliably
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Counterfeit Monkey Release 5
March 16, 2014
Release 5 is now available from, and will be working through to a place in the IF Archive soon as well. Change log details can be found at .
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Counterfeit Monkey currently on release 4
January 9, 2013
I have not been uploading each release to the archive in order to avoid overloading the maintainers, but new releases are posted to the game's website. Bugs squashed since the first release include several that made it difficult to use the game's built-in highlighting help; several that made hard mode less enjoyable than intended; and a bug affecting one end-game path. A number of minor typos and trivial defects have also been repaired. There are still a number of issues outstanding, so I expect there will be further releases to come.
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