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Prize sonnet
Posted by Victor Gijsbers, October 30, 2021 9:13 PM - Edit
As part of their prize, Bitter Karella chose a sonnet about the game written by Victor Gijsbers. Here it is.

Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl

Iím a scientist, reasoner, mathematician
whose thinking impeccably mirrors the Real;
not some devious underhand trickster magician
whose instincts are all to deceive and conceal.

Universally known as a first-class logician.
A champion for science with unequalled zeal.
Thereís just one little thing one might view with suspicion:
the illogical way that YOU make me feel...

I kidnapped your boss and sent you on a mission
not suspecting that solving this task you would steal
my centralised pump for O2 transmission.

Now with tear-wetted lab coat before you I kneel:
I know itís just dopamine causing a whirl Ė
but it all feels so magical, magical girl!

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