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Babyface: prize sonnet
Posted by Victor Gijsbers, October 29, 2021 9:58 PM - Edit
As part of his prize, Mark Sample chose a sonnet about the game written by Victor Gijsbers. Here it is:


Donít show me your face. O, believe me, itís not
that I fear you ill-favoured, disfigured or plain;
but the glance of my eye will indelibly stain
your innocent beauty, will leave there a blot

that one canít brush away; that cannot be forgot;
for to see is to judge, and however humane,
all judgement will pigeonhole, sort and restrain,
will poison your infinite freedom with rot.

Donít show me your face. Keep it wrapped in a sheet.
Youíll be perfect as snow in a world without eyes.
And donít fall for the mother bearís trick with her cub:

donít get licked into shape. Remain incomplete.
My love, when youíre seen, possibility dies Ė
because looking at something Ė uses it up.

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