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Game updated with 20K words of new content
Posted by MathBrush, December 22, 2020 5:05 PM - Edit
Expanded Customization:

-First chapter expanded by 60% and reorganized to make timeline clearer
-More options to increase stats and customize your character
-Fixed a few situations where characters with certain stat choices could never succeed
-Added more depth and usefulness to the trickery skill and the temperate trait
-Expanded the ending where you are a fugitive

Improved Romantic Options

-Two romantic partners (Candid and Flame) now have selectable gender, as does the player
-A new unique date for each RO
-Flickering Flame made a more sympathetic villain and a completely faithful romantic partner
-Happier endings for all romances.
-Players now have the option to have kids with their ROs

More Active Player Options

-Players have more agency in the world and more freedom at how to react to events
-Players can now save the List in Chapter 6 and the mysterious toy in Chapter 4
-Players now experience less existential despair (unless they want to)

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