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This is a history of updates to the news item "The House of Mystery (1.1.3)", originally posted by Jimmy Joe on September 30, 2018 4:12 PM. (This item is for The House of Mystery, by James G. Lynch (Jimmy Joe).)

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The House of Mystery (1.1.3)
Posted by Jimmy Joe, September 30, 2018 4:12 PM - Edit
What's Changed:
- Fix the interpreter from "Vorple" to "Parchment" instead because Vorple is confusing to understand
- Certain puzzles have been tweaked to be less absurd or too easy
- Descriptions of various things have been modified for logical meaning
- Grammar issues fixed
- Solution file is added (Don't look at it if you don't want to be spoiled.)
- Forgiveness rating lowered (Can be changed if needed.)
- Maps pictures been remodeled for better or worse (If you don't like the new maps I'll change them back to the old ones or make better replacements. Their still in the games ".materials" folder just in case.)
- New Command(s) Added (Note: Some will not effect the overall gameplay.)
- Added color to certain texts (And when I mean by "certain texts" I mean like less than 5 words.)
- Name to certain creatures have been changed for reasons not yet explained
- Hint system implemented finally
- Source code is still available (Because the solutions file given is pretty dumb.)
- Credits option has been added to the Help Menu for organization purposes
- Endings & Deaths will now be recorded
- Intro has been tweaked
- More things added here and there
- Game added to (If it's not there now it will be soon.)
- Secret room added (Where is it? Figure it out.)
- More unmentioned options in the Help Menu
- More unmentioned bugs and fixes (Because I can't get things right the first time around. Thanks for sending me your feedback BTW.)

Check the "changelog.txt" file for more information.

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