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This is a history of updates to the news item "OVER 2000 BODIES DISCOVERED BURIED UNDER LOCAL THEATER LAST SHOWING SLASHER SEQUEL", originally posted by Hanon Ondricek on November 10, 2014 11:44 PM. (This item is for Final Girl, by Hanon Ondricek.)

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Posted by Hanon Ondricek, November 10, 2014 11:44 PM - Edit
FINAL GIRL, a Storynexus game which placed 13th in the 2013 IFComp and has been running steadily ever since then, has been abruptly shut down for an indeterminate period due to technical issues.

The game has remained popular, and over 2000 player-characters have stumbled through the woods evading the Skull Lake Stalker, attempting to confirm his or her identity while evading the wrath of the killer's iconic staple gun. The choice-based game employs sound effects and a bombastic faux horror-movie score as it goofily sends up familiar slasher film tropes.

The cause of the glitch is unknown, but all of Final Girl's 137 storylet cards were stripped of a "setting" tag that is crucial to the game's logic and prevents numerous qualities that control the story from being correctly set up at the beginning of play to run the game.

It is unknown at present time how extensive a fix for the game would be and how long it might take. It is not clear if the Author even remembers how the damn thing worked in the first place. Author/Producer/Director/Choreographer/Co-Composer Hanon Ondricek's whereabouts have been unknown following accusations regarding missing budget money originally earmarked to provide extra inventory space in his most recent game TRANSPARENT.

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