IFDB Code of Conduct

The Interactive Fiction Database (ifdb.org) is a community-run database of computer games whose player interactions center on text.

Guiding Principles

Policies for Prohibited Conduct

Harassment Policy

The following conduct is prohibited in comments, reviews, and other user-created text:

The following is prohibited:

Rating Policy

Ratings and reviews are expected to be made in good faith. Ratings and reviews that are judged by moderators not to be in good faith may be removed.

The following are prohibited:

Off-site Policy

Harassment of other members of the IF community or promotion or coordination of bad-faith ratings may result in moderation even if it takes place off-site. Such harassment goes against our principles and makes IFDB a non-welcoming environment.

Security Policy

Circumventing passwords or other site features meant to protect personal information, or altering/employing code or exploits that may cause the site to work improperly are grounds for disciplinary action including termination of user accounts and removal of material as determined necessary by site staff.