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Dial C for Cupcakes, by Ryan Veeder
A fun semi-sequel to Taco Fiction, October 21, 2014
This is a fun parser game, with a lot of humor and a few puzzles (none too tricky). It's nice to revisit the world of Veeder's classic Taco Fiction.

(Also all the cupcake descriptions made me want to attempt to make some of my own ...)

Olivia's Orphanorium, by Sam Kabo Ashwell

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Weirdly addicting, June 20, 2012
I found this game very funny and weirdly addicting. The engine for random events is well done. Through several game plays, various mini events would come up. Also the language is very colorful. While there isn't much puzzle solving, its very adept at world building and well, hilarious descriptions of your charges. I do wish there was an easier way to track the progress of each kid.

Also, I think there is a slight bug, where sometimes some improvements didn't have impact. The first time I bought one improvement, it impacted the kids, but in a second playthrough the same improvement didn't seem to register as affecting anything. (In this case, it was the "Harvest of Sin" improvement).

The Legend of the Missing Hat, by Adri

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Short and sweet, June 20, 2012
A nice beginner game. Very simple but charming. Not very complex, but well done. Also the idea of tiny ninjas is extremely cute.

1-3 of 3