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Photopia, by Adam Cadre

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Photopia is an example of the moving literature IF can be, December 6, 2010

Photopia is an example of the moving literature IF can strive toward. It is a remarkable game, moving story, and well thought out.

It is true that the story arc is rather linear, and there are few puzzles. However, I have no complaints about this. Books are completely linear and I find no fault with the work of Faulkner or Morrison or Shakespeare.

The changing point-of-view kept me on my toes the entire time and the end remained a surprise.

And yes, it made me cry too. the only IF to effect me that deeply emotionally.

Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin

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Amazing game, what most IF can only hope to achieve, December 6, 2010

This game is so good it hurts.

Really really good use of the medium. I have attempted to tell so many people about this game that my friends are bored. This is the memory of playing that I pull out when I am trying to explain to a non-IF player what the genre is all about and how exciting and mind-bending it can be.

Not really a spoiler, but marked for the especially sensitive:
(Spoiler - click to show)There is a part in the game in which I realized that what I was doing as the PC (in a flashback) was not what I had really done.

It created this weird moment when I realized that the author and I had entered into a strange conspiracy to tell the computer lies. In other words, the game state was not merely contained within some data structure in software, but existed in the mind of the player and the author. Weird.

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