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Glulx Hyperlinks - 5 votes for 5 games; created January 7, 2013
I was playing around a bit with a couple of the Glulx hyperlinks extensions, and this led me to be interested in looking at some games...

All the Pretty Sources - 28 votes for 21 games; created December 20, 2012
IF games that have source code available that you'd hold up as an example of what good looking source code is supposed to look like. (I...

Combat puzzle games - 27 votes for 14 games; created December 12, 2012
What I'm looking for are games that have fights that are ostensibly combat, but the solution to winning the fight is really a matter of...

Games with Chases - 23 votes for 14 games; created October 25, 2009
The chase scene, a staple of Scooby Doo and action movies, but how often has it been done in IF?

Most unique games - 40 votes for 25 games; created August 4, 2009
Whatever else might be said about ___________, there's not another game like it.

Games that include a maze you would describe as 'hey, actually fun' - 41 votes for 21 games; created July 16, 2009
Everybody always dissing mazes in IF. What are the games that prove them wrong?

Outstanding individual puzzles - 47 votes for 23 games; created June 6, 2009
I'm interested in examples of excellent individual puzzles in IF. In other words: not 'Spider and Web' so much as 'getting out of the...

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