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Historical sci-fi / alternate history - 14 votes for 10 games; created September 22, 2020
A poll by Rovarsson
I loved "Slouching towards Bedlam". Does anyone know of any other games that have that...

Games with the best writing - 68 votes for 32 games; created October 18, 2017
A poll by A. I. Wulf
Games are a new medium of art. It's still a maturing medium. But still some works May have succeeded in being truly classic in their...

Games with a great city setting - 48 votes for 15 games; created February 19, 2016
A poll by penguincascadia
I'm looking for games that attempt (with at least some success) to portray a large city setting that the player can explore and interact...

Games with character creators/creation - 12 votes for 10 games; created August 3, 2014
A poll by cynical11
Basically, any game that features any kind of character creation system; but, the more in-depth, the better.

Best Steampunk games - 19 votes for 6 games; created June 20, 2014
A poll by Alyssa Barstow
Looking for Steampunk style games- something with the flair of the Fallen London text game or a story like Incarceron. Can be any length.

1-5 of 5