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One Hit Wonders - 39 votes for 21 games; created May 11, 2019
A poll by deathbytroggles
Good games by authors who apparently retired after their one gem.

L'aventura del explorador - 2 votes for 2 games; created February 2, 2017
A poll by Terrco
Relat de les aventures d'un explorador singular on es trobarÓ amb tota mena de perills...

Solved without Hints - 210 votes for 113 games; created July 16, 2010
A poll by joncgoodwin
I'm very interested in hearing truthful accounts of at least somewhat difficult games (or games that don't solve themselves at least)...

Games with mysticism - 30 votes for 16 games; created July 16, 2010
A poll by Anya Johanna DeNiro
What I'm looking for are games that aren't "other-world" fantasy, but rather use one of the following as part of its thematic...

Fast-paced action scenes - 47 votes for 26 games; created May 28, 2010
A poll by Juhana
Fast-paced action is something that's notoriously hard to do in IF where waiting for player's input necessarily pauses the game every...

Birds in IF - 87 votes for 54 games; created November 8, 2009
A poll by Wendymoon
What games can you think of with birds in them? What's the bird? Is it important to the game?

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