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Games about travel - 95 votes for 74 games; created February 19, 2016
A poll by penguincascadia
This list is for games either about travel or with travel as a major part of the plot or background. Stuff like being able to choose...

Non-Infocom games of commercial era worth playing - 83 votes for 34 games; created January 6, 2015
A poll by tekket
What commercial games published between 1980-1993 other than those by Infocom do you think are worth playing?

Games where the PC is an antihero - 50 votes for 21 games; created December 23, 2009
A poll by Sorrel
I'm looking for games where the PC is the villain/antihero of the story and the traditional plotlines of "good beats evil" aren't...

Holiday games - 9 votes for 5 games; created December 16, 2009
A poll by Sorrel
I'm looking for some IF games to get me into the holiday spirit.

1-4 of 4