IFDB Terms of Service

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You may not "hack" the site, violate the copyrights of any of the material on the site, circumvent or attempt to circumvent passwords or other technical features meants to protect the site or limit or control access, harass the site's operators or users, access the site through automated means that would cause excessive load on our servers or network connections, or otherwise abuse the site.

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The site includes features that let you upload information to be published on the site. If you use these features, you agree as follows:

Please note that the games cataloged on IFDB are not themselves within the scope of the Creative Commons license mentioned above. IFDB doesn't host any games - it only stores metadata (such as bibliography, reviews, comments, and news items) about games. The Creative Commons license only applies to things uploaded to IFDB itself. The games are covered by their own individual copyrights and license terms as set by their respective authors. Inclusion of a game in IFDB in no way affects the game's own copyright or license terms.

We hope that these terms are fair, reasonable, and easy to understand, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.